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From flat-panel displays to solar PV inverters, new technologies are moving the world forward. And Advanced Energy is moving new technologies forward—with power conversion solutions as dependable as they are innovative.

  • Over 30 years of relentless focus on power conversion and control technologies
  • Proven products that deliver today and adapt to your needs tomorrow
  • Industry-specific expertise built into every solution
  • Rapid-response service and support, worldwide

PRODUCTS – Central Inverters

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AE 500TX

The AE 500TX is designed for larger commerical and utility scale applications. This highly innovative inverter maximizes energy harvest and accelerates payback with a 97.8% peak efficiency, wide DC operating range and fast convergence MPPT. Optional DC circuit breaker subcombiner enables low cost compliance with current safety and electrical codes. Built-in advanced power controls and optional factory-installed performance monitoring make the AE 500TX the industry’s most fully integrated and configurable inverter in its class, saving installation time and expense.

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AE 250TX / AE 260TX

The AE 250TX and AE 260TX models have raised the bar once again for commercial inverter reliability, ease of installation, and lifetime maintainability. High reliability is enabled by market-leading features.The highly integrated system saves installers time and money by including load-rated AC & DC service disconnects, neutral-free installation, oversized bus bar landings, and generous cable bending area for top, bottom, and side cable entry options.


AE 100TX

The AE 100TX inverter sets the industry standard for high reliability, ease of installation, and lifetime maintainability. Its 20+ year design life is enabled by an array of market-leading reliability features, including bus bars for all power connections, a sealed electronics module, and an instrumented cooling system. The highly integrated system was designed to save commercial installers time and money with load-rated AC & DC service disconnects, certification for installation without a neutral conductor, cable landing points sized for maximum NEC-compliant cables, and a well-planned cable bending radius for top, bottom, and side cable entry options.


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