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Hyundai Solar is part of the Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (HHI), one of the most trusted industrial brands in the world.  Notably, Hyundai is the world’s largest shipbuilder.

Selling Hyundai Solar modules aligns your company directly with a powerful consumer/industrial brand, famous for excellence in manufacturing and warranty service. Since Hyundai Solar products are backed by the good faith of one of the largest, most diversified conglomerates worldwide, your sales closings will accelerate, and your reputation for quality PV installations will rise quickly above your competitors.

Importantly, Hyundai Solar is a vertically-integrated manufacturer, giving them pricing advantages and full quality control “from sand to sun”. Although new to North America, HHI has extensive experience in European installations, using its expertise to become Korea’s largest solar cell manufacturer.

Highlights: Hyundai’s Global Brand Recognition, Korean Reputation for Quality Assurance and Fair Pricing, 10% of Annual Revenue re-invested into R&D, 1GW Capacity by 2012

• +3/-0% of Power Tolerance Guaranteed
• 10-Year Workmanship Warranty
• 90% performance output for 10 years; and 80% performance output for 25 years
• UL/CEC-Listed with additional Global Certifications, including ISO 9001 for Quality and 14001 for Environmental in Manufacturing
• Sturdy Industrial-Strength Frame Rated 5400 Pa for Snow Loads
• White-Listed by Global Renewable Banks and Financiers
• Memorandum Signed to Build U.S. Plant in Arizona
• Two-Step Electroluminescent Testing (Pre-and-Post Lamination)
• Thermal Image Testing
• Zig-Zag Patterned Circuits Eliminate Hot Spots

Currently Available Models:

HiS-S250MG Silver Mono (60-Cell)

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