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Hyundai Heavy Industries Green Energy Division produces Solar Power, Wind Turbine and Energy Storage Systems that are helping to make a better world.  Today, the Green Energy Division has total capacity of 600 MW in Solar Modules and they are the key supplier of wind turbines in Korea.

Since their first European solar module sales in 2006, the Green Energy Division has established a worldwide network in Europe, America, Japan, etc. and have a earned a good reputation of manufacturing high quality & high voltage modules and wind turbine systems.  Also, they have recently established Eui-wang solar power plant and Tae-back wind power plant to expand their ability in power plant maintenance and inspection.

PRODUCTS – Solar PV Modules

• +3/-0% of Power Tolerance Guaranteed
• 10-Year Workmanship Warranty
• 90% performance output for 10 years; and 80% performance output for 25 years
• UL/CEC-Listed with additional Global Certifications, including ISO 9001 for Quality and 14001 for Environmental in Manufacturing
• Sturdy Industrial-Strength Frame Rated 5400 Pa for Snow Loads
• White-Listed by Global Renewable Banks and Financiers
• Memorandum Signed to Build U.S. Plant in Arizona
• Two-Step Electroluminescent Testing (Pre-and-Post Lamination)
• Thermal Image Testing
• Zig-Zag Patterned Circuits Eliminate Hot Spots

Currently Available Models:

HiS-S275RG Black Frame Mono (60-Cell)

HiS-M310TIG Silver Frame Multi (72-Cell)

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